The modern lifestyle has brought about many revolutionary changes in our lives. We have found many ways to make our lives easier. Yet certain issues continue to bother us from time to time. Depression can affect someone physically and mentally. A practice like yoga for depression is focused on improving the lives of practitioners mentally and physically. Yoga incorporates the physical aspects of asanas and breathing techniques such as pranayama to bring about emotional, mental and physical balance in the mind and body.

Yoga for depression is different from other forms of physical exercises or religions. In a physical sense, it is focused on strengthening and stretching the muscles in order to achieve positive changes in the body. It is more of a philosophy and a lifestyle that enable spiritual enlightenment than any religion. As one of the teachers at AYM explained, “Yoga is a spiritual practice.” Yoga practices eventually point towards extended meditation. Sometimes the answers we need to find lies within ourselves.

Our mind is vast. It has infinite possibilities. Yoga focuses on bringing it under control so we can harness our inner energy. Depressing thoughts can lead to serious consequences. To the subject and those around them. A positive act and thought towards a direction that improves our lives can lead to many other positive things in our lives. The asana practice in yoga is designed to challenge the mind to conquer our inner battles breath at a time. One definition of yoga, as explained by Dr, Gaurav of AYM, is yoga is being in the present moment. Yoga takes the practitioner towards cultivating awareness, through gentle discipline, mindfulness, and meditation.

When a practitioner is able to be more aware of them, they will be able to address thoughts and situations that trigger depression with added authority. When we get trapped in the busyness of life, we sometimes forget to breathe. The pranayama breathing techniques are designed to bring calmness to the mind and body. Certain asanas improve blood circulation in the body. These positive movements, when combined, have a long lasting effect on creating a mind-body connection.

 Yoga is also a practice that is always available at your disposal. It doesn’t require one to carry any equipment while traveling. In its essence, it’s not even physically challenging. Or it can be as challenging as you make it be. The pranayama practices are designed to open up our cardiovascular system and bring awareness by focusing on the breath.

Yoga is an ancient practice that originated in India. Rishikesh, located overlooking the Holy Ganga and surrounded by lush mountains, has been a destination for yogis and spiritual travelers alike for centuries. AYM is a premier yoga teacher training school, accredited by Yoga Alliance USA. It offers 200, 300 and 500-hour teacher training courses to practitioners of all levels. AYM has some of the best yoga instructors who are qualified in their craft. There are drop-in classes available Monday – Saturday and monthly yoga retreats. Rishikesh is an ideal destination for adventure lovers and yogis looking to getaway close to the Himalayas.

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