Om is a sacred sound, a spiritual word and a religious mantra which is pronounced throughout the world by one and all to focus and meditate. It is a word whose chanting helps a person to try and unite one’s self-consciousness with that of god. It is also known as cosmic sound and is an important religious symbol of Hinduism. It is also said that ‘Om’ is the first word uttered by god and all other words have come out of it.

‘Om’ or ‘Aum’ as it is pronounced has 3 alphabets referring to 3 worlds of earth, atmosphere and heaven. It also represents 3 gods namely Brahma, Vishnu & Mahesh (Shiva). Om also means creation, preservation and liberation. Thus, Om mystically combines the essence of the whole world. Om is also considered as the symbol of lord Shiva. It is also chanted a s a mantra for meditation. Other than that, Om is also used before religious mantras and chants to imbibe divinity in them.

Yogis, sages and saints often use Om for deep meditation. Om can be chanted out of mouth or within the sub-conscious mind during meditation. Continuous chanting of Om out of your mouth or within your mind can help a person enter and feel the 4th dimension of this world, something which only a few people are able to do as it requires a lot of focus and is indescribable. It is a stage in which one unites with the universe and/or a never ending light, considered divine by nature. It is a way of connecting with all living things, nature and the never ending universe. Its chanting has a positive physical and psychological effect on the person.

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