A yogi is one who does yoga and meditation daily and lives a yogic life. S/He is someone who is free from worldly desires and attractions and is looking to find self and his/her life’s meaning. A yogi is usually a traveler who doesn’t remains at one place for long, not more than a month or two. A true yogi is one who travels across mountains, valleys, deserts and forests to find true value of life. A yogi needs to carry certain things in his/her bag. Those have been described below:

  1. Towel

A yogi must carry a towel in his/her bag as it is needed to swipe sweat from self and from the mat to avoid getting slipped. A slippery mat can affect your grip and your poses.

  1. Yoga Mat

A yoga mat is helpful for doing yoga poses as it provides you with a solid yet comfortable base. The mat also helps you from slipping while performing yoga postures.

  1. Straps & Ropes

Straps and ropes are of great importance for a yogi. These are props which are used for balancing to enhance or rectify poses during yoga practice. They are more helpful for people who have less flexibility in their body.

  1. Wooden blocks

Wooden blocks are again an important ‘must have’ item in a yogi’s bag. These are used for support or gain height for doing certain yoga poses. They also provide for a good grip.

  1. Blanket

Blanket is again quite useful while doing yoga poses. There are certain poses in which your head and body need to be grounded. For this, blanket is necessary to provide support.

  1. Comfortable clothes

A yogi must carry comfortable clothes, cotton clothes to be specific as they are light and comfortable. Such clothes come in handy in pose which require a lot of twisting and bending.

  1. Candles

Candles can be used for 2 reasons, for light at night while tenting outside and for meditation. Setting candles at 4 corners around you or just 1 candle in front of you can help in meditation. It makes you focus one just one thing- light, and thus helps in maintaining focus.

  1. Medical kit

A medical kit is also of importance as in case of injury or sprain, a yogi will have ointments and painkillers to provide relief.

  1. Yoga Books

A yogi is always hungry to learn more about different styles of yoga and as many kids of poses that can be done. Yoga books carry such kind of information.

  1. CD on Yoga

A yoga CD is also quiet beneficial for a yogi as it has videos and pictures of a practitioner performing various yoga poses along with audio. It is quiet helpful in understanding various yoga poses.

If a yogi has all above 10 things in his/her bag, s/he can travel to any part of the world and can practice yoga and meditation anywhere.

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