Rishikesh is considered as the gateway of Himalayas as it is located on its foothills. It is an important pilgrimage center located on the banks of the mighty and holy river Ganga and has a rich mix of yogic culture and traditions that can be seen and felt in the numerous ashrams situated in it. It is also considered as the world’s best spiritual and yoga hub, which is thronged by thousands of people, especially yoga students, yoga enthusiasts and yoga travellers every year to learn different types of yoga and meditation. For those who don’t want to do regular yoga learning course or yoga training course, yoga retreats are the catch for them. The leading Yoga School of Rishikesh called AYM (Association of Yoga & Meditation) Yoga School offers Yoga Retreat to such people who want to enjoy their vacations while doing yoga. The Yoga Retreats offered by AYM are the best and range from 3 to 5 to 10 to 20 days, depending on the number of holidays, the visitors can give.

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